Découvrez l'île

Enjoy the island

La Gomera is a jewel of nature, where nature and magic combine beautifully. If you are a hiking lover or you simply enjoy nature, discover the great treasure of Garajonay National Park (World Heritage Site), a thick forest of rich flora with many extinct species, gentle springs, everything embedded in a very mysterious atmosphere.

The landscape of La Gomera was carved over centuries by erosion after two million years of absence of volcanic eruptions. As a result, you will encounter deep ravines that plunge into the famous “sea of clouds”. You will be amazed by the green deep valleys covered with palm trees endearing rural villages, dramatic cliffs, cosy coves of black sand lapped by crystal clear waters….


In La Gomera you will find a virtually unspoiled nature where the hand of man has intervened to create agricultural landscapes of great beauty. You will be surprised by seeing the thousands of farming terraces arranged in steep slopes that feeded the families of the island.

La Gomera is home to many travelers, hikers, lovers, meditators, as well as artists and scientists of all kinds. It is worth stating that the island has recently agreed on the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, an initiative based on the protection of natural areas and in the offering of high quality services.